Amy Eligh

Director, Publishing & Licensing at Arts & Crafts Music

Amy Eligh began her career in Publishing at Casablanca Media / Red Brick
Songs in the Copyright and Royalties department, before moving into Creative –
where she successfully stationed herself for over a decade before moving to
Arts & Crafts Music. Within her role as Director of Publishing & Licensing, Amy
pitches large-scale catalogue of songs for film, trailers, advertising, video
games, and TV (US & Canada) as well as oversees the day to day within the
In addition to pitching, Amy organizes showcases for clients / songwriters with
TV networks, music supervisors, and advertisers. She also develops new writers,
arranges co-writing sessions, coordinates and hosts song-writing camps, and
scouts for talent.
At Arts & Crafts Music, Amy works with Broken Social Scene, Timber Timbre,
Reuben and the Dark, Overcoats, BdotCroc, Ollie, Taylor Knox, and many more.

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