Kate Peroti

Director / Producer / Writer / Cinematographer /Photographer
/Editor / Idealist, CEO of Edendale Pictures LLC. Kate Perotti
works in both NY and LA, continues to be involved in cutting
edge films, photography, mixed media, art and commerce.
Called a “creative powerhouse” by UK FastMedia Magazine
she is a vision-oriented innovator who is willing to take risks,
determination and generosity of spirit at each level. In
production, she has worked in nearly every position behind the
camera. MOMz Hot ROCKs was Kate's first documentary
feature, praised by Gloria Steinem, MHR is receiving a Go-Go
ReBoot as an upcoming Alcon Entertainment feature film,
ROCK STAR MOMMY for which Kate is Executive Producer.
Currently in co-production with French producer Bernard
Calamaro, she is seeking funds for Sal Westrich’s
FLOWERS OF AUTUMN based on Sal’s true story of a
seven year old Jewish boy saved by an occupied village in
the French countryside. It remains current asking all of us,
“what would you?” in a world turned upside down.
As director, Kate is in production on HELLO CLEVELAND!, a
documentary about Jane Scott, the world’s first rock critic. In
collaboration with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the
documentary is poised to be the marketing tool for a larger
narrative film and mini series set in the “City of Lights, City of

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