Livestream from the Toronto “King’s” Penthouse

Join us from any remote location or even your very own living room – as we film live via online live streaming – for an exclusive insider’s perspective and behind-the-scenes, full-access pass to interviews, roundtables and a wealth of rich media content in PDF presentations and documents of working examples of film finance from Toronto Eco 2015 while on location at the King’s Penthouse in Toronto, Canada during the 40th Annual Toronto Film Festival.

  • Toronto €CO is a TV Show filmed during the Toronto Film Festival on the Ambassaor Suite of the Toronto Grand Hotel. Its concept aims to enlighten the audience with a behind-the-scenes look into how the critically acclaimed productions of the Toronto Film Festival are financed. Our innovative content will be based on the financing and economics of a variety of different film productions that are all taking part in the 2015 Festival. It will include the participation of producers, distributors, bankers, insurance organizations, and other finance-based associates working within the world of cinema.

  • Take a virtual seat on our production set among legendary producers, bankers, directors and industry leading veterans to discuss the emerging trends, unique vehicles and creative strategies driving the film finance success of films in competition in Toronto, films on the market, and the films in the making that are changing the industry.

  • Engage our celebrity guest interviewees, roundtable participants and moderators with articulate questions that you submit online during a live streaming of the filming of our upcoming edited broadcast.

  • It all begins here – where you gain an opportunity to join in the dialogue, where you can directly interact and influence the expressed views and the ongoing debates on the latest film finance deal structures.

  • WEDNESDAY 16th September 2015